Video Games for Physical Therapy

Gesture Based Physical Therapy

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What We Do

GesTherapy uses accessible motion capture technologies to create prescriptive software for physical rehabilitation. Our telerehabilitation platform is a cost-friendly tool for clinics under therapist supervision, and by patients in the comfort of their home. GesTherapy seeks to re-purpose recreational technology to establish a new standard in physical therapy.
We provide solutions to facilitate therapy outside of the clinic, creating a tool for the clinic and an alternative for the patient.
We provide a service to create a modernized software solution to any objectives the medical facility wishes to reach.
Plug N’ Play
We provide our products with easy plug and play functionality for seamless set up and use.

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Our Skills


Why Choose Us?

We use proven gamification principles
  • High score
  • Engaging graphics
  • Positive/negative reinforcement
  • Difficulty switching for focused improvement

We create effective tools with deliverables

  • Real time objective data
  • Allow patient to maintain independence and comfort
  • Tool for therapist to watch patient without being there

GesTherapy offers a distinct service

  • Variety of motion capture devices depending on the preferred therapy
  • For consultation, we can construct a solution from not only the software implementation perspective, but as well the medical research infrastructure
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Who We Are


David Putrino

Chief Medical Officer

Owais Naeem

Chief Technology Officer

Tanjin Panna

Chief Executive Officer

Luis Disla

Chief Product Officer

Clients & Partners


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    GesTherapy has demonstrated they understand how to bring the tools and technology into the area of telerehabilitation.
    Yves Duroseau MD, MPH / Chairman of Emergency Dept. at Lenox Hill Hospital

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    Using GesTherapy technology with our current population of stroke and brain injured patients has been motivational and goal directed, which is inspiring for our patients from all walks of life.
    Avrielle Rykman MA, OTR-L / Occupational Therapist at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

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    This telerehabilitation tool is a stepping stone to establishing a new standard of care in this area.
    Marom Bikson PhD / Professor of Biomedical Engineering at CCNY

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    An innovative and fun video game for stroke survivors to use at home.
    Helma Zanders, Physical Therapist at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

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Frequently Asked Questions

Motion Capture is the ability to follow the motion of the user with technology such as cameras, infrared sensors, gyroscopes, etc. Well known examples are the Xbox Kinect and the Nintendo Wii, typically used for entertainment purposes.

Physical Therapy is done in this manner by using the motion capture device to follow the motion of the body parts in interest. Using this data, the movements can either be compared to a structured exercise, or the trend of movements can be analyzed to assess the capabilities of the user.

The only things necessary to use a GesTherapy product is a therapist to monitor the software data, a patient to do the therapy, and the actual product itself.
Basically, to use our products, all that is needed is to buy the product and put it to good use! No complicated set-up required.

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Solution for Physical Therapists
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Objective Environment for Research
Indisputable data is of utmost importance when conducting research, our physical therapy innovation can provide that.

For Motion Capture Applications
If you are interested in discussing any projects or applications involving mo cap implementation, we are eager to help out.

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